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Android version of the Windows Phone 7-powered Dell Venue Pro?

The Dell Venue Pro, which recently popped up on Expansys, could soon be getting an Android-powered brother or sister. According to a PC World piece we espied via Boy Genius Report, Dell has plans to launch “a smartphone resembling the Dell Venue Pro” that runs Android.

We think that this is most likely the rumoured Dell Thunder, which we spotted back in April. Like the Venue Pro, the Dell Thunder comes with a 4.1-inch touchscreen, but it doesn’t have a slide out Qwerty pad.

Bear in mind that round about the same time as the Thunder rumour broke, we also heard of a phone called the Dell Lightning, which turned out to be the Venue Pro. So its entirely possible that this Android phone is indeed the Thunder.

That’s if its actually coming out. When we spoke to Dell they politely declined to comment.

We reckon that there’s definitely room for a smaller, more pocketable version of the Dell Streak in the market. We’ll be watching the skies for any signs of the Thunder on the horizon and we’ll keep you posted.

[Source: PC World via BGR]


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