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Angry Birds flip-flops, cash-ins and getting Angry Bird tattoos: Photo gallery

Angry Birds is everywhere. Love it, and people do, or hate it, there’s no escaping the AB phenomena, which has sucked in kids and adults alike; no other phone game can compare to the mass success (and expansion) of the Angry Birds franchise.

For the lovers, they’re willing to make their own hand-crafted cakes, keychains, even eye-masks.

Although it’s a welcome change from the standard Mario and Pokemon fare, we think they may have pushed it too far with the release of these Angry Birds flip-flops- in time for the summer, no less; the Rovio store is promising that they should ship in July.

Priced at $14.99, that’s just under £10, and sizes start from US kids size kid 11.

Stewart Lee has even had a go at the ubiquity of Angry Birds, in a sketch covering the excesses of social media marketing. We’d give Angry Stew a go.

We’ve scoured the web  for some of the more tenuous cash-ins, coming soon to a car-boot near you.

Speaking of tat- we were intrigued with the idea of  some Angry Birds ink. To show our commitment to buying anything remotely Angry Birdish, we were willing to take the plunge. Click on through to see how our tattoos fared.

Probably the most sensible extension of the hit app franchise; you can buy official Angry Birds cases for your iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPod touch.

Be prepared to pay £34.99 for the iPad case, and £24.99 for your iPhone case. For your phone, you can choose from the black, yellow and red bird. No awkward white one, sadly. It’s our favourite.

Nothing says popular game phenomenon like thinly veiled insults that tie-in with the game, plastered over a t-shirt. (£17.99)

Oh, and there’s a hoody (£17.95). Teenagers play videogames, they still like hoodies, right?


(Photo credit: FunkySpaceMonkey)

Who needs the 59p original when you can get a real-world board game for £25? Bargain.

Forbidden Planet is stocking the game in the UK, although their website is down at the moment. We were told to expect a May 2011 release when the game was first revealed earlier this year.

Forbidden Planet was also where we were able to get our tattoo on…

We decided to go for some King Pig vs Tiny Blue action on our weedy bicep, because we’re that kind of person.

We weren’t done just yet.

Tom went for a Row of Pigs along his right forearm. (Fore-ham?), with some birds on his left. He’s going to get some odd looks on the way home tonight.

The artist got confused as to which way the birds needed to face. Oops.

Good thing they’re only temporary. We didn’t have the cojones to get real ones. (Don’t tell anyone, but we prefer Tiny Wings anyway.)

We’re not the target audience for these, either- being mobile phone misanthropes- but we’re sure children would love them. The set includes 12 temporary transfers, £2.50 at Forbidden Planet.

(Like our paper Angry Birds? You can make them for yourself.)


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