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Angry Birds set to invade Singapore Grand Prix this weekend with a crowd-noise controlled game

In terms of tenuous Angry Birds tie-ins we’ve heard of, this one takes pole position in the crazy-stakes. We’ve seen political satire, cake making and big budget Hollywood synergies but they all pale compared to this.

Rovio along with fellow Finnish company Uplause have, with Singapore Telecommunications, created a huge crowd controlled version of Angry Birds.

According to Reuters, the ‘game’ will be played by the noise made by the crowd. This Uplause trailer which we found on YouTube gives us an idea of how the game will work. We imagine that the angle of the bird along with how far back the catapult will be pulled will be determined by how much noise people make; no idea on how you’d go about selecting a bird though.

When we first heard about this, we were immediately reminded of Loren Carpenter’s Pong-tastic crowd psychology experiment, recently seen on Adam Curtis’ All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace documentary.

It’s a shame that we’re not in Singapore for the weekend, otherwise we’d head right on over to the Marina Bay.

For those not attending the races this weekend, well you’re going to just have to make do with the regular mobile editions, or play it on Chrome.

Source: Rovio via Reuters


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