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Another Ice Cream Sandwich build for the Samsung Galaxy S2 leaks (video)

Ice Cream Sandwich is coming for the Samsung Galaxy S2, this much we know. What we don’t yet know is exactly how its going to look and work with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI stacked on top it.

This, the latest leak of ICS for the GS2, gives us another taster of how things might shape up. So far it’s not looking like there’s a drastic visual change from how things already are on the Galaxy S2.

As you can see from the video above, the new-look Google Search bar sits in the centre of the screen in among all of the Sammy icons and widgets.

In the menus there’s hints of the Holo interface here. But things don’t look much different on the S2 to how they do already.

Things like Android Beam obviously won’t make the cut as this requires an NFC chip to work, something the Samsung Galaxy S2 doesn’t have. It does however have a front-facing camera, so we’re looking forwards to Face Unlocking our Ice Creamed S2’s.

This build is more stable than the one we saw previously, where the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aerials weren’t functioning. This is encouraging, as it looks like Samsung’s early 2012/Q1 target for ICS hitting international versions of the Galaxy S2 is close to being hit.


Source: SamMobile via Phandroid


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