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Antiques Roadshow: the iPhone game

Forget Doctor Who or Top Gear: when we noticed an Antiques Roadshow game pop up on the App Store, we got really excited. Alas, this is US-only, for the American version of the series.

Still, if you’re a Stateside antiques-loving couch potato, you’ll want to check it out. The app, released by PBS, involves collecting virtual antiques and trying to guess their value, earning points when you get it right.

The items are taken from the actual show, with Facebook Connect tied in so you can post your best finds for your friends to admire (note: you may wish to stop and think about how many of your Facebook friends will admire your ability to value virtual items in an Antiques Roadshow iPhone game first).

Anyway, categories covered include paintings, pottery, jewelery and clocks – you can’t miss the clocks out – with a free-play mode that throws up extra-rare items.


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