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App Friday: Best Apps for Bada

Samsung currently has a series of devices that ship with its Bada OS, the best of which being the recently released Wave II. Much underrated, the operating system makes a good alternative to some of the more value for money handsets that struggle to run Android smoothly. 

Sat at the top of our must have app list for Bada is that of TuneIn Radio. The application provides access to thousands of different radio stations from across the world and features an intuitive and easy to use UI. It is well designed, fast and runs smooth on Bada as it does on any other operating system. Best of all it’s free!

In at number two is the Sims 3. We love a bit of mobile Sim action on our iPhones and were glad to hear it when we learned Bada was to join the party. It is a tasty looking application and has thankfully retained the clever control scheme that the app uses on other operating systems. Trust me, being able to control the digital lives on miniature people on your mobile phone will keep you occupied whilst out on the go for hours.

Number three is Weather Bug, a clever little application for quickly checking up on the basics of the daily weather situation. The app keeps things nice and simple, giving you location-based live weather information including temperature and wind direction. Bada lacks a decent weather app shipped with the phone, so this free download is definitely worth it.

SmartRunner is at number four. The application is an exercise tracker that aims to keep record of all your fitness habits. It uses GPS to track your current exercise route and shows in real-time the calories burned and route you have taken. For those of you who are into fitness this is a seriously useful application, helping you keep track of exactly times and past training.

Last but by no means least is Need for Speed Shift. In many ways this game trumps some of the iPhone Asphalt series offerings for car choice and customization. It also looks great especially on the Samsung Wave II which has no problems running the game. Shift takes advantage of the handsets gyroscope to let you ‘tilt’ to steer the car. At first it appears relatively difficult but a few laps and even beginners will start racing like pros.


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