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App Friday: Big Launcher

Does your Android phone have a small screen? Do fiddly icons or illegible text prevent you from making the most of it? If so, check out Big Launcher, an Android user interface that presents you with large, thumb friendly menus and icons to make even the smallest phone usable, and larger phones perfect for anyone with a visual impairment or in need of a simpler menu system.

Accessibility apps are pretty commonplace on the Android market, but can at times defeat their own purpose and make life more difficult. Not big launcher. Not only does its UI present you with big icons, it also simplifies menus. What you sacrifice on home-screens and widgets however, you make up for with ease-of-use.

With six customisable shortcuts on the home screen as well as a  large date and time, there’s immediate, easy access to what matters to you. Each major function such as telephone and messaging has a big interface menu, so it isn’t just a superficial one-layered homescreen. Once clicked through, these are laid out in a vertically scrolling list. Type is big, recently used applications and contacts are bumped up to the top so are always the easiest to access and there is even a dedicated SOS button in case of emergencies.

The official video above covers the app in more details and it even made its way into our HTC Wildfire S Tips and Tricks which is worth a read if you have or want a Wildfire S and are considering the app.

For 99p therefore, we reckon Big Launcher is a worthwhile investment for anyone who finds their fiddly phone too, well, fiddly, has poor eye sight or isn’t all that comfortable with Android and its multi-faceted UI.


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