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App Friday: Pocket Hipster app makes you cool

A lot of people have been hating on hipsters recently following the release of the brilliant being a di****ads cool song/video. Jealousy aside, you may find that some of these skinny jean clad fashionistas know a thing or two about music.

Enter the Pocket Hipster app, a portable slating engine for your current music habits, advising on better, cooler tracks to listen to.

The app will suggest you put an end to your Enya/Eurythmics or whatever else is awful on your iPhone and instead start listening to edgy, well dressed indie bands.

Harsh words are uttered by a pair of male and female hipsters who actively slate your songs. “If your taste in music was an animal, it would be a one-winged pigeon with a gammy leg.” I was told after a 45 repeat of R-Kelly’s Bump n Grind.

In all seriousness, the application behaves very much like music suggestion engine services, similar to or Spotify. And some of the offerings and suggestions are genuinely quite good. Do remember though that not all of the alternatives are streamed or free, many are links to iTunes purchases. Irritating as I was reluctant to take the financial risk on some tracks.

The application is currently 59p on iTunes.


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