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App Friday: Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal gallops on to iPhone

How could Robot Unicorn Attack get any better? By adding pentagrams, flaming bats and a soaring metal soundtrack that’s how. Everyone’s favourite desktop Flash game has been given a heavy metal makeover and has been unleashed on the iPhone app store.

The concept is the same as the original; you control a robotic unicorn as it charges through a fantasy landscape, leaping over gaping chasms and dashing through obstacles.

In the first Robot Unicorn Attack the setting was a rainbow-drenched dreamscape with glittering stars as obstacles; Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal replaces this with a bone-strewn wasteland and floating pentagrams. The background music is the fist-pumping “Battlefield” by German power metallers Blind Guardian, replacing Erasure’s “Always” from the original.

There’s also support for OpenFeint, so you can post your feeble efforts to a worldwide scoreboard. Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal is available to buy now for the introductory price of just 59p.

We’re crossing our hooves, praying that Adult Swim start work on Robot Unicorn Attack Prog Edition (artwork by Roger Dean, soundtrack “Siberian Khatru” by Yes).


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