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App Friday: Twitch Origins


This is a guest post by Chris Stevens. Chris is one half of Atomic Antelope, a small iPhone app studio with just two staff — one based in London, the other in Seattle, USA. Twitch Origins is their first iPhone game.

It’s Friday night, you’re in the pub with friends. You pull out your iPhone and start playing Tetris. Congratulations, now all your friends hate you. See the problem? Mobile phone games aren’t typically social, they’re insular, solo experiences. Like reading, only more obnoxious.

We’re a small UK games studio called Atomic Antelope, with just one programmer, Ben Roberts, and one graphic artist, me. Twitch Origins is our first iPhone game. It’s also a rare creature because it allows more than two players to use one iPhone simultaneously. We think it’s a pretty big step in mobile gaming. With Twitch you can pull out your iPhone and get everyone on the table involved, they don’t need to have their own devices. The game engine works, and it works really well.

Twitch Origins is also a brand new game idea – a demented cross between snap and eye-spy. You really have to watch the video to get an idea of how this works. We’ve found it hilarious watching people play Twitch in pubs and bars, they get these extraordinary expressions on their faces.

Twitch is a very physical, social experience. Watch the video and you’ll get an idea of what the craze is all about. You can download it here


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