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Apple confirms iPhone launch event on October 4th

The wait and the speculation are over (almost) – Apple has begun sending out official invites to the launch of its new iPhone, which will arrive as predicted on the 4th October at a special event in Cupertino.

The invites, which feature Apple icons denoting the date, time (10 am PST) place (Cupertino) and the subject (a phone icon with a missed call marker), have been arriving with tech journalists across the pond emblazoned with the tag line “let’s talk iPhone.”

The iPhone 5 has been the focus of a shedload of speculation and hearsay since it failed to show up on time at Apple’s WWDC back in June. Among the questions that new Apple CEO Tim Cook will be clearing up for us come October 4th are whether we’ll be getting a new iPhone 5 or merely an updated iPhone 4S (or both, as some believe), whether it will the old iPhone 4 design, when it will be released and finally, whether or not Samsung will successfully ban it before it’s even out the door.

We’ve heard from Orange CEO Stephane Richard that the iPhone 5 launch date (or iPhone 4S, if that’s what it turns out to be) will be the 15th October in Europe. Think it will live up to the hype, or is this the year that Android finally leapfrogs Apple? Thoughts, as always, in the comments.


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