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Apple counts down to 10 billion apps sold.

Apple is offering a giddy $10,000 (£6300ish) gift voucher to the person who dowloads their ten-billionth app.

Taking less than three years to accomplish dowload figures that took iTunes over five to sell in songs, this time, the competition is open worldwide- to anyone over the age of 13.

This is only the start, according to Asymco’s weighty data analysis.

They’re expecting app sales to surpass music sales this year, and aside from the growth of app sales, it’s the rate of growth- still increasing- that’ll mean plenty more apps in 2011.

It’d be interesting to see how much of those soon-to-be ten billion apps were freebies, and how many got us to open our wallets. For every Angry Birds, there’s a hundred Carling iPints…

The countdown clock currently stands at 9,852,050,321, so it shouldn’t be far away now. Best go download some more apps- and if you win, we can show you exactly how to spend your money.


Via; CNET, Asymco


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