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Apple developers gather: Is June 6 iPhone 5 announcement day?

It could well be, if Apple continues to follow its trend of announcing new additions to their smartphone stable  at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The date is set; and it will run from Monday June 6 until Friday June 10 2011, and the smart money would be on yes.

According to Apple’s official press release, this year,  it is promising to reveal “the future of iOS”- the stuff on your phone that makes that touchscreen work so well, and what developers make your apps for.

The WWDC brings together hundreds of these developers, alongside the Apple faithful, and often gives a good insight as to what Apple are planning for the next 12 months.

Rumours currently gaining traction believe it will include a big expansion of Apple’s MobileMe- meaning cloud computing- files shared through networks, not on hard-drives. Imagine limitless music video, photo and document space, all streamed down to your phone.

iPhone 5 rumours aren’t short on the ground, either. Many are expecting an edge-to-edge screen, and minor, if any, adjustments to the physical shape and style of the phone. More iPhone 4GS than 5? Maybe.


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