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Apple iOS sees most growth. Android UK number one. Window Phone sales slow.

The Kantar ComTech Smartphone OS Barometer results are in for the last three months and things are looking very good for Apple whichever way you look at it. With the weeks surrounding December showing a 12% rise in iPhone purchases over last year here in the UK, it’s across the pond that things are really swinging in Apple’s favour, with a massive 22.6% rise. So significant are Apple’s sales, that when coupled with Android’s 5.2% drop from last year this gives Apple the majority smartphone OS with 44.9% of US marketshare in comparison to Android’s 44.8%.

Here in the UK, Android has however seen an 8.4% rise totalling 43.9% of smartphone marketshare, managing to keep it at the top spot in spite of Apple’s exceptional sales. 48.9% of us now own smartphones after the period which saw a 70.7% rise in overall smartphone sales, boding well for the industry on the whole.

When it comes to other manufacturers here in the UK, after a difficult year, RIM is down 7.3%, with 16.1% of UK marketshare and unsurprisingly, Symbian dropped a stonking 12.8% with little over 3% of the smartphone market. Windows Phone 7 hasn’t managed to gain the traction Microsoft have been hoping for despite the Nokia Lumia 800 launching in time for Christmas with just 1.7% of smartphone users rocking live tiles.

Around the world and the general picture is similar, except that is for Brazil and South America where Android appears to be thriving. Given the affordability of hansets by manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE the upcoming opportunity in developing markets for Google’s OS is huge. That said, December 2011 was the month of the iPhone, with averages across all nine countries putting Apple’s iOS growth above all the competition, even Android.

Source: Kantar


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