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Apple iOS 8 to offer split-screen multitasking?

Leaks reveal that Apple’s new iOS 8 might allow iPad users to run two apps side-by-side, similar to rival tablets such as Samsung and LG.

Apple insiders appear to have leaked a major feature of the new iOS 8, namely the ability to play with two apps side-by-side. The new feature will likely only work on an iPad, as the iPhone 6‘s rumoured 4.7-inch screen may be a bit too dinky for comfortable multi-tasking.

iOS 8 leak reveals split-screen multitasking feature for iPad

Split-screen multi-tasking is something we’ve seen a few times before, on Android and Windows tablets. Microsoft’s Windows 8 has a built-in split-screen mode, while Samsung and LG have created their own side-by-side app features for the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and the LG G Pad. We love the ability to 

So far we only know a few hints of what Apple’s iOS 8 will offer, including more concentration on health features. We should see iOS 8 launched at WWDC in San Francisco, which takes place June 2-6, before Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6 in Autumn.

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