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Apple iPhone 4S sells one million units in 24 hours

It’s the kind of figure that most mobile manufacturers can only dream of – shifting a million units of a flagship handset in a day. And the iPhone 4S doesn’t even come out until the end of the week.

The iPhone 4S has sold so well in the States that US mobile carriers are already predicting two week waiting periods for those ordering the 4S now, due to stock shortages. It’s always the way, of course; the iPhone 4 sold 1.7 million units on its opening weekend, but it looks like the iPhone 4S – despite some initial belly-aching over its not being the iPhone 5 – is set to break that record.

The iPhone 4S isn’t a dramatic reimagining of the iPhone 4, in fact apart from a little minor repositioning of the lock and volume buttons it’s aesthetically the same phone, but with a quicker A5 chip, 8MP camera and the new Siri personal assistant, it’s still a solid candidate for phone of the year.

Not that that quality won’t cost you; the iPhone 4S is an indecently expensive piece of hardware, even on contract. Currently if you want to pick up the iPhone 4S free you’ll be looking at a contract of around £45 per month over two years, £10-£15 more expensive per month than leading Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2. Think it’s worth the money? Tell us why in the comments below.


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