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Apple iPhone 5 ‘SJ’ concept pictures appear: we want one

Some stunning pictures have been released showing some concepts of the next-generation iPhone 5. In this incarnation the new iPhone is slimmer, with a bigger screen and a better camera.

The concepts are nothing to do with Apple and have been designed by Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studio. Antonio has called the phone the iPhone SJ – SJ in honour of Steve Jobs and he states the design is ‘inspired by Steve Jobs.’

Made from lightweight polycarbonate; the iPhone SJ has a capacitive screen, inside there’s an A6 dual core processor and a 10-megapixel camera.

The iPhone SJ is a stunning concept and certainly one of the best we’ve seen. The phone is clearly slimmer than the current iPhone 4S, with a larger screen. External controls and ports don’t vary much from Apple’s design though. Lock and volume controls remain on the right, although the up/down buttons are square and on the top there’s a 3.5mm jack and hold button.

There are a few things we don’t think would appear on the next-generation iPhone, such as the Apple logo on the front (something Apple has never done) and on the back the ‘iPhone SJ’ is a replica of Steve Job’s signature.

Of course the iPhone SJ is only a concept, but we have a sneaking suspicion it might not vary too much from what we’re expecting from Apple at some point this year. And certainly it’s a phone that we’d like to own. Antonio is looking for a job – maybe Apple should hire him?

Source: ADR Studio


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