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Apple iPhone 5 ‘Three steps beyond’ concept images show three Retina displays

“Say hello to the new iPhone,” says the description next to a version of Apple’s smartphone that’s been dubbed Three Steps Beyond. However, despite the rumours already flying around about the new iPhone 5 launch, this is merely a concept model shown off by design website ADR Studio. But what is interesting, is that the new iPhone 5 has not one, but three Retina Display screens!

The mock up images come from ADR Studio, which has re-imagined the iconic phone as an ultra-slim device.

“One strip screen is on the top, to show you all the network info, clocks, notifications and so on,” says the description.

“The bottom one is for App dock, multitasking panel and so on. The central one is only for the desktop: more space, more freedom.”

It might be packing in extra Retina screens but one thing it wouldn’t come with is a SIM card, grabbing your data directly from a 4G LTE network instead.

An integrated Siri service would obviously be included, backed up by a home button that would be integrated into the bottom Retina display and could be activated using a motion sensor.

How does it get so thin? Easy, all the controls are removed from the sides and placed on the screen. Meanwhile, an “led powered edge” can display information such as the remaining battery or caller ID, turning the edge to the colour of your choice thanks to a dedicated app.

The only design choice we’d argue with is the raised section on the back of the Three Steps Beyond concept, as Apple is more likely to leave it as a uniform smooth finish.

Check out the other concepts from ADR Studio and let us know what you think below or via Twitter or Facebook.   You can also check our favourite concepts out here.



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