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Apple iPhone 5: Tips and Tricks (with video)

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s newest smartphone, here are some tips to help you get the best from it.

Tip 1: Portrait or landscape?

If you are browsing the internet and you accidentally turn the phone sideways, it can be really frustrating when the page flips. To lock the orientation. Double tap the home button and swipe right and you’ll see a lock icon. Tap this and the screen will lock to portrait orientation. This means next item you turn the phone, the page won’t flip.

Tip 2: Keyboard shortcuts

If you regularly type using the same phrases save time by assigning shortcuts. Go to General – Keyboard – Add New Shortcut. Type in the phrase – such as ‘I’ll be late back’ followed by a shortcut such as ‘AAA.’ Next time you want to use the phrase, simply type the letters and the keyboard will automatically suggest the phrase.

Tip 3: Customise Siri

As well as providing film reviews and football scores, Siri can recognise relationships. For example say – call my husband, then locate them in the contacts, match them up and in the future you can just say: ‘Call my husband.’

Tip 4: Stop scrolling

Whether you are browsing the internet or checking your emails, scrolling through reams or messages or emails can take time. Simply tap the status bar and you’ll return to the top of the list or page.

Tip 5: Saving web images

Perhaps you’ve seen a picture on the internet you want to share with a friend or keep for reference. Tap the picture and choose ‘Save image,’ it will be automatically saved in the ‘Photos’ app and from here you can share it or upload it to Facebook as required. 


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