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Apple may soon cut production orders for the iPhone 5C

Apple’s new mid-range handset, the iPhone 5C, is a good phone. The problem for most people, though, is that it’s simply too expensive. For £80 more, you can upgrade to the iPhone 5S and get a much better device for your money. It shouldn’t come as much of a shock, then, to hear that Apple is cutting back on orders for the iPhone 5C from its part suppliers.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple will cut back on iPhone 5C orders during the fourth quarter. There aren’t any exact numbers to sort through, but different suppliers say orders will be cut anywhere between 20 and 50%.

Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean that sales of the iPhone 5C are weak. It’s definitely true, however, that demand for the iPhone 5S has dramatically outstripped the lesser device. The WSJ even says that Apple is actually increasing production orders for its flagship handset. Consumers, then, seem to want the best that Apple has to offer, even if it does mean paying a little more.


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