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Apple iPhone 6S coming spring 2015?

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are still mere pups, but Apple is already planning to roll out an iPhone 6S early in 2015, according to the latest web rumours.

The iPhone 6 and its bigger brother hit the streets back in September but rumours are rife that Apple is already hard at work on the next iPhone, believed to be the 6S, which could go on sale as early as spring 2015, alongside the long awaited Apple Watch.

The gossip doesn’t stop there though. According to ‘supply line sources’ close to Stabley Times, Apple won’t be resting on its laurels after the Apple Watch and iPhone 6S launch, instead moving ahead with plans to roll out the iPhone 7 in their usual September release date.

Obviously these rumours are unsubstantiated and, quite frankly, a bit far-fetched, but the suggestion that Apple will want to put a new smartphone out alongside its highly anticipated wearable isn’t so bonkers that we can’t believe it.

The company reportedly believes that users will be more likely to adopt the new watch if they can get it with a brand spanking new iPhone, and there may be something to that – as insane as it may sound that users would actually prefer to drop £1000 in one go on a phone and watch, rather than just £350 on the latter.

iPhone 6S?

Another, slightly more plausible rumour suggests that Apple will bring the iPhone 6S out alongside the Apple Watch but wait until 2016 before it unveils the iPhone 7, so it doesn’t get into a Sony-style cycle of releasing new phones every six months and stinging certain existing customers in the process.

The thought of Apple moving to a six monthly update cycle isn’t one which sits particularly well. The company’s devices are good, but very expensive and putting pressure on consumers to upgrade twice a year could see Cupertino’s finest lose many supporters, even amongst the die-hard crowd who save up for their new shiny gadget. The small time frame between the 3rd and 4th generation iPad provided a similar sting that Apple would be foolish to recreate.

Perhaps the most likely scenario of all is that Apple will bring out its Watch in the spring, as planned, but users will have to wait until at least September for their new iPhone.



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