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Apple iPhone 8: All you need to know

The Apple iPhone 8 is here. Allow Recombu Mobile to fill you in on the release date, specs, new features, prices and images aplenty.

Let’s be honest, you probably know an iPhone launch has taken place in the Steve Jobs theatre. But do you know everything there is to know about the iPhone 8? If not, allow us to fill you in because we have all the details.

Apple iPhone 8: What is it?

While the iPhone X sits atop the range as the most badass iPhone money can buy, the iPhone 8 is more of a minor step up from the outgoing iPhone 7, with the Plus version for those who want a slightly bigger display and have clown pockets.

The chassis sports glass up front and on the back; a notable departure from every iPhone since the iPhone 5. It comes in silver, Space Grey or gold and the surrounding frame made from aerospace-grade aluminium, while the paint is applied using a seven-layer process.

iPhone 8 colours

Apple claims that the display is wrapped in the most durable glass ever used on a smartphone. So hopefully much less prone to breaking when you inevitably drop it.

The iPhone 8 is also microscopically sealed from water and dust with IP67 certification, meaning it should survive rain and general wear and tear more readily than older devices.

iPhone 8 IP67 certified

On the subject of sound, new speakers make the new iPhone 8 25 percent louder than iPhone 7. Ideal if you like to inflict your music on everyone around you.

Apple iPhone 8: What about the specs?

The iPhone 8 uses the same 4.7-inch Retina HD Display as the iPhone 7 and has the same 1334×750 resolution, meaning it is HD ready as opposed to Full HD. It also has the same 2GB of RAM but now comes with at least 64GB as a starting point for internal storage.

A brand new A11 Bionic chipset runs things on iPhone 8 and Apple calls it the ‘smartest and most powerful’ processor ever. It uses 64-bit architecture and compared with the A10, its two performance cores are 25 percent faster while its four high-efficiency cores are 70 percent faster.

Apple A11 Bionic processor specs

Then there’s an Apple-designed GPU, which has three cores and is 30 percent faster than the previous effort inside the A10, so games have the potential to be that much smoother and more detailed and the phone is better equipped to handle more demanding augmented reality experiences.

When it comes to photos, an Apple image signal processor allows for faster autofocus, improves image sharpness and has hardware multi-band noise reduction, for taking out that grainy texture in images taken in poorly lit conditions.

iPhone 8 camera

Meanwhile, an all-new 12-megapixel main camera allows for 83 percent more light, a wider dynamic range, lower noise, optical image stabilisation (OIS) and a new colour filter. As for video, the iPhone 8 offers some of the highest-quality video recording from an iPhone ever, especially as it analyses two million tiles on-screen every second (even during 4K recording at 60fps) to keep the picture looking as good as possible.

For slow-motion, 1080p at 240fps means you have twice as many frames to play with than before, letting you can slow things down twice as much without having to drop to a lower fidelity image.

Apple iPhone 8: What are the new features?

The most interesting addition and one that is convenient is wireless charging. Third-party accessories mean you can plonk down your iPhone 8 on a charging plate and it will do the rest – no need to dig out a cable. Hardly new in Android or even Windows Phone land, but useful all the same.

Apple iPhone 8: Price, specs and release date?

The UK price for the Apple iPhone 8 is £699 for the 64GB, or £849(!) for the 256GB range-topper – £150 off the iPhone X, which is actually spelt with an ‘X’ but said as “ten”, in case you were wondering.

Pre-orders open on the 15th of September, 2017, ahead of deliveries on the 22nd of the same month.

Apple iPhone 8: Should I buy one, then?

Without knowing the price, it is difficult to make a case for value for money, especially as the more powerful iPhone X has been confirmed.

But for those who were looking at an iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is obviously more feature-rich and potentially worth going for if you want a better camera and faster performance.

Interested in buying the iPhone 8? O2 is already offering it and its bigger brother, the iPhone 8 Plus, on pre-order. Order before midnight on September 21st and you can expect your phone to be delivered as soon as the next day. O2’s also throwing in a free screen replacement for those who pick up an 8 or 8 Plus on plans with 20GB of data or more. Existing O2 customers who sign up to selected plans with over 10GB of monthly data will also get another 10GB thrown in for free.

Find out more about O2’s iPhone 8 pre-order plans here and iPhone 8 Plus plans here.


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