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Apple reportedly holding iPhone event on September 10th

It’s been almost a year since Apple took to the stage and announced the iPhone 5, so surely an iPhone related announcement should be on the cards in the near future? That’s indeed the case, according to AllThingsD. The site reports that Apple will be holding an event for the iPhone 5S – and possibly the iPhone 5C, the “budget” model – on September 10th.

Apple has long been rumoured to introduce the successor the iPhone 5, with rumours suggesting that it will be a minor revision in the same vein as past “S” releases. A better camera is expected, as is a faster processor, and possibly even a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button. iOS 7 should also be ready by the announcement – expect the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system to ship with the iPhone 5S.

A new flagship model isn’t the only handset to look forward to, though. Additional rumours and reports indicate that Cupertino is readying a cheaper version of the iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5C. it will have the same 4-inch display as the iPhone 5, but reportedly feature less expensive internal components, as well as a plastic housing that marries past designs from the iPod touch and iPhone 3GS. The big hook, though, will be the availability of multiple colours for the phone – again, just like the iPod touch.

Whatever Apple has in store for the world on September 10th, we’ll bring you all the news from the event.


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