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Apple iPhone 5S possible manufacturing spy shots emerge

The iPhone 5S is on track to arrive later this year and although Apple hasn’t said anything on the matter, their near-clockwork release cycle tells us that come September, journalists will likely be taking their seats at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, ahead of Tim Cook and co pulling the wraps off one (and possibly even more than one) new iPhone.

As the progression goes, the successor to the iPhone 5; the iPhone 5S will head up the product line and although we still don’t have any specs, shots have emerged (spotted on iDownloadBlog), supposedly from the somewhere in Apple’s production line in which components destined for the new flagship feature.

5S 15S 2 5S 3

5S 4 5S 5 5S 6

Apple being Apple, these components could just as easily be iPhone 5 components waiting to be assembled, so we’re not sold on the idea that these are absolutely destined for the 5S, but nonetheless these purported spy shots have garnered a lot of attention. Check back regularly as the 5S and maybe its now iPhone siblings will likely surface increasingly frequently in the run up to Apple’s main Q3 keynote.

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iOS 6.1 update heralds the arrival of 128GB iPhones and iPads?

January 28rd, 2013

Apple is a company best-known for playing its cards close to its chest and despite its success in doing so, it’s always been elsewhere in the supply chain where information slips through the cracks. This time around, Apple have indirectly unleashed some tidbits on the future of their iOS device line through the latest release of iOS 6.1 to developers.

iNeal's tweet

It’s been customary for Apple to double the internal storage options of their iPhones with every ‘S’ release. As 9to5 Mac points out, the release of the 3GS doubled the iPhone’s storage options from 8GB and 16GB to 16GB and 32GB and the 4S again introduced a 64GB option, so the natural progression will be for the iPhone 5S to accommodate up to an impressive 128GB. Such capacity wouldn’t only out-class every other smartphone currently in the market, but the notion seems to be holding water.

iOS 6.1 beta 5

Independant developer and hacker @iNeal was one of the first to discover mention of 128GB iOS devices whilst looking through iOS 6.1 beta 5 release. His discovery was then confirmed by Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog who uncovered a new 128 key; which although not making the 128GB iPhone a dead certainty, does suggested that Apple could be paving the way for 128GB iOS devices in the near future.

Such a development would also help the iPod Touch eat up the iPod Classic’s current terrain, allowing Apple to phase out the hard drive-based media player altogether. We’re not sure as to the official release date of iOS 6.1 but we’ll see what happens.

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Two iPhones coming this year?

January 23rd, 2013

We could learn of the existence of two, or possibly even three new iPhone handsets come this year. That’s the word from a host of sources, including information surrounding orders placed by Apple, traced back to a number of Chinese manufacturing firms, many of whom having been associated with production of components for Apple devices in the past.

First up is the natural successor to Apple’s current flagship device, presently anticipated to be called the iPhone 5S. The 5S is will again feature a 4-inch display with in-cell touch technology; the same method used in the iPhone 5, chosen for its reduced thickness. It’s said that Apple’s suppliers struggled to meet demand for the iPhone 5’s touchscreen component in the run up to its availability, resulting in sales of the handset stumbling out of the gate, but availability is less scarce now and shouldn’t stand as much of a barrier to market.

iPhone 5 render - All rights reserved by Martin uit Utrecht

DigiTimes say that alongside the 5S will be another 4-inch device, this time in a less expensive package, but maintaining key features like an 8-megapixel camera. Despite recent resurgence of a cheap iPhone waiting in the wings, Apple’s Senior Vice President – Phil Schiller has already tried to put out the flames of its existence, nevertheless the rumour isn’t going away and although uncharacteristic of Apple, it would be interesting to see a more affordable iPhone’s effect on the market.

Last but not least is the iPhone ‘Math’. An unusually-named device when considering Apple’s typical naming convention, but an identity which has cropped up frequently in recent rumours. The Math, is supposedly a 4.8-inch screen-toting iPhone and could potentially feature a 12-megapixel camera. Whilst the 5S and the cheaper iPhone are expected to break cover around June this year, the Math isn’t likely to make an appearance until Q4 2013/Q1 2014.

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