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Apple ‘iWatch’ may predict heart attacks and save your life

Apple’s ‘iWatch’ could predict heart attacks by tracking blood-flow from the noise it makes in arteries, according to insiders. 

Wearing an Apple ‘iWatch’ could save your life, as it tracks the blood-flow from the noise it makes in your arteries, new sources claim. By measuring and tracking blood turbulence, the iWatch could tell the difference between a healthy flow of blood and the sound of blood struggling to get past the plaque build-up which can lead to coronary failure. 

Apple has hired “renowned audio engineer” Tomlinson Holman who will develop the software and hardware needed to allow a watch on your wrist to listen to blood flow and alert you of ‘blood turbulence’. 

Apple has also been hiring medical and fitness experts to help with the project. The iWatch is expected to work with a new iOS 8 application called ‘Healthbook’ that will store fitness statistics. These will include the amount of calories burnt, the amount of steps taken, and the amount of miles walked. The app will also measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and hydration levels.

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