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Apple kills the iPad 2 and tries to keep the iPhone 5C alive

The iPad 2 drops out of circulation in Apple Stores, whilst a new, cheaper iPhone 5C appears to try and drum up sales.

Apple’s second iconic slate served as the ‘affordable alternative’ to the iPad Air for those after the company’s big-screen iOS experience for less cash, but now it would seem that over night, the company has decided to retire the second-gen device replacing it with last year’s 4th-gen iPad.

iPad 4th gen/iPhone 5c

This does a couple of things; it ups the hardware consumers’ get when they pick up the cheaper iPad on offer. It sports the newer A6X chip and boasts a higher resolution 9.7-inch Retina Display. It also supports the newer Lightning connector standard for charging and data transfer, finally meaning that every device Apple now sells uses the same connection type across the board.

There are two models available, both with 16GB of internal storage. The WiFi-only model sells for £329, whilst £100 more will bag you the cellular model (which doesn’t support 4G). Both types can be had in black or white.

Jumping from tablets to phones and the iPhone 5C has been slimmed down. Not physically you understand, but with regards to its inbuilt storage capabilities. It’s no secret that comparatively to Apple’s top dog; the iPhone 5S, the 5C has had an abysmal run since it launched late last year.

Apple iPhone 5C 8GB model

Despite heavy promotion and it being the first colour plastic iPhone, people just don’t seem sold on laying down at least £469 for a rehashed iPhone 5 made of cheaper materials. That’s why Apple has added a new 8GB version to the roster which is £40 cheaper SIM-free than the 16GB model at £429.

Talk of the smaller capacity 5C originally cropped up on O2’s website ahead of any official word from Apple, but from today you can head to the company’s website or any of its retail stores and nab yourself a marginally cheaper iPhone 5C in any one of its five bright colour options.

So are you sad to see the iPad 2 go and does a £40 price drop paired to less storage entice you towards the world of iOS anymore? Let us know your thoughts below.


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