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Apple reveal all-time top free apps for your iPhone

We love a freebie. Sadly, you typically get what you pay for. But not here.
Following on from the Apple’s list of top paid-for apps, here are some of our highlights from the most popular free iPhone apps in the UK. See the whole Top 10 below.


A big collective ‘duuuh’- and obvious number 1. We think it runs faster than the website, our pictures look good, and its own mini-navigation screen means you can get where you need to- fast. Events integration with Google Maps mean that you should never get lost on the way to a party again.

eBay mobile

Another app which often seems to work better than its parent website, for simple browsing, it’s perfect. The ability to upload and sell through your phone; easy.

Google Mobile App

Making Apple execs awkwardly tug at their collars, the Google mobile app contains Google’s magical augmented reality Goggles App,Gmail, Reader, Docs, Calendar and more. Although most run through the internet browser, they’re all in an easy to find place, and a great app to have at the front of your iPhone background. Useful.


One of those apps that could really show off what the iPhone was capable of, improvements have meant not only can you buy the song as soon as you hear it, you can now chuck it straight into Spotify, playlisted for future listening. And it’s free!

Paper Toss

It’s rather simple, and that’s why it’s free, but Paper Toss remains the most downloaded free game in Apple’s app store, and that’s a heady feat. We’ve downloaded, deleted, then re-downloaded it three times. The shame.

All-time Top 10 Free Apps (UK)

1. Facebook
2. eBay Mobile
3. Google Mobile App
4. Shazam
5. Google Earth
6. Skype
7. Movies by Flixster
8. Paper Toss
9. Bump
10. Sky News


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