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Apple rumoured to be opening a new store in Harrods


The Apple stores have become as iconic as the products that they display. The stark clean white tailoring of the layout, strong wooden table plans, the staircase that appears to float in mid-air and of course the passionate staff that man its gates. Past store openings have been with great fanfare and excitement, and it is in these shops that the mobs of Apple faithful drone as a new product is released. Thus far, stores have been stand alone shops, with flagship stores such as London’s Regent Street and Covent Garden, dominating the parade line of stores.

It is for this reason that it comes as some surprise that Apple should be rumoured to be investigating a store hidden within London’s one millions square foot store, Harrods. Hotspot for tourists and the rich alike, it certainly would not be a bad decision. In fact to the opposite, Apple would instantly be able to tab into the huge wallets of the rich pickings that drove to the stores cash registers.

The news comes from a Harrods insider speaking to 9to5Mac, news is that the shop sitting within the department store will feature all of the usual design features that make an Apple store so instantaneously recognisable. The stern wooden tables and simple signage, however it will apparently be lacking one important feature; the Genius Bar. It is not known why this is, but the insider commented that it may be as Apple wants to keep this for its standalone stores.

In keeping with it staying away from its stand-alone stores, this store, if true, will stay a small retail outlet similar to what it has within BestBuy stores in the US.

This is certainly an interesting rumour and Apple has not commented, but we will of course keep you updated with anything else we hear.


Via Know Your Mobile via 9to5Mac


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