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Apple’s one company teaching kids how to code for free starting this week

In case you didn’t know, it’s Computer Science Education week and Apple is joining the likes of Mojang to contribute to the Hour of Code campaign.

It’s not the first year the tech giant has gotten in on the action, but 2015 looks to be bigger than ever. As of Thursday, December 10th Apple has started hosting workshops introducing and educating people about the potential power behind code and coding.

Across some 468 of its brick and mortar stores worldwide, the company is collectively hosting around 1400 workshops, with a focus on teaching newcomers, especially children, the basics of coding. Those looking for something with a little more depth can also try and land a position at one of the company’s developer events, taking place alongside the introductory courses during Computer Science Education week.

It used to be that having children learn a second spoken language was potentially a great asset for a myriad of reasons, including job opportunities going forward in life, but in 2015, one could argue that understanding the language and behaviour of code is an equally valuable skill that’ll only become yet more relevant as time goes on.

Even if you or your kids can’t make it along to one of these dedicated events, Apple’s also used the opportunity to highlight its existing developer tools and this all coincides with the news that Swift – Apple’s home-grown programming language is now open source too.

Apple is just one of the larger names involved in’s Hour of Code initiative, but it’s hard to deny the rising importance coding has on the world and will have on shaping our future.


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