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Apple to release iOS 7.1 update in March

Apple is planning to release iOS 7.1 in March this year, but is said to not have any “secret features.”

Apple is planning to release iOS 7.1 this spring, according to a report by 9to5Mac. However, a .1 update doesn’t always bring a lot of changes. The report has said the update will feature some speed improvements, some user-interface changes in the Phone app, an improved Calendar app, and some bug fixes.

iOS 7.1 concept power

The improved Calendar app will feature an event list view (similar to Google Calendar’s agenda view) which will show upcoming events in a single list. All users will have to do is tap a bold icon to the left of the magnifying glass within the app. 

The “slide to unlock” and “slide to power off” sliders will also be tweaked, and a new setting called “perspective zoom”, which you can set immediately after picking a wallpaper, preumably to subdue the paralax effect without removing folder animations, will also be an option. 

Although there doesn’t seem to be a drastic difference between the iOS 7 and the iOS 7.1, this update could improve your iPhone’s performance.

We’ll keep you posted on any further news about the update.

Via: PC Mag
Image source: Flickr/FalkoMD


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