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Best Apple Watch games: Our favourite time killers for Apple’s smartwatch

What are the best games for the Apple Watch? We round up the very best Apple Watch games that you can download now, for the original Apple Watch as well as the Series 2 and Series 3 models. From puzzle games to adventure titles and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

The dinky Apple Watch screen may not exactly be made for gaming, but surprisingly you can download and play quite a decent selection of Watch games right now. The majority are simple time-wasters designed to kill a couple of minutes while you wait for your bus, but some are addictive enough to keep you squinting at the tiny screen throughout an entire commute.

Here’s our round up of the best Apple Watch games you can play right now.

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Best Apple Watch games: Micropolis

This surprisingly complex Watch game takes inspiration from the brilliant Civilization series. Construct buildings to grow your city and unlock new abilities as you advance through the ages. With its impressive depth and colourful graphics, there’s a lot to like here. You’ll find yourself regularly checking your wrist to see if you’ve levelled up, or if you’ve missed any updates.

Best Apple Watch games: Lifeline series

Lifeline is a perfect adventure game to play on the Apple Watch’s dinky screen. If you don’t already know about Lifeline and its many (many) spin-offs, the idea is very simple: you receive messages from someone in distress, and attempt to steer them to safety by choosing what they do next. Choices come in the form of multiple choice responses, while updates are usually nice and succinct, so you aren’t scrolling for hours.

The Lifeline games play out in real time, so you can’t sit there for an hour working your way through. You have to wait for the virtual character to complete your chosen action, which is a neat idea and makes Lifeline a fun little distraction.

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Best Apple Watch games: Pokemon Go

This addictive mobile game has made the leap to the Apple Watch, so you can track down those battle fiends without even checking your phone.

With this app you can spin the location token on a PokéStop to gather items, hatch an egg, receive an alert about a nearby Snorlax. Best of all, it’s all wrapped up in the Apple Watch’s native activity tracking sessions. At the end of each session you get a report of how far you’ve walked, Pokémon you’ve caught and items you’ve picked up at PokéStops. Niantic has also brought a complication to WatchOS so you can quickly pin GO to your chosen watch face.

Best Apple Watch games: AtomicBox

This physics-based puzzler has you turning a box on the dinky display by fiddling with the Apple Watch’s dial, in order to collect a bunch of ‘particles’ that are whizzing around the screen.

Best Apple Watch games: Rules!

This brain-training game throws quick-fire rounds at you, to see how good you are at following orders. Pick from three difficulty levels and then see how many rounds you can complete before you screw up. With daily puzzles and set goals, there’s loads to draw you back into Rules! again and again. Definitely one of the most addictive Apple Watch games out there.

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Best Apple Watch games: BoxPop

Chess fans rejoice! BoxPop is a fantastic little puzzle game where you must move a knight around a grid, landing on every last square without repeating any. Simple as pie but quite fiendish at times, BoxPop definitely demands of a bit of forward-thinking, just like the great game itself.

Best Apple Watch games: Trivia Crack

Quiz fans need look no further. Trivia Crack is the ultimate general knowledge game for Apple Watch, offering more than a hundred thousand quiz questions across a variety of topics, including sports, movies and history.

You can of course play against your buddies, to see who has the most pointless trivia stored inside their skulls. Fastest finger wins.

Best Apple Watch games: Field Day

Fans of Harvest Moon will appreciate this basic farming sim from the makers of Runeblade, which can be downloaded right now for Apple Watch. The aim of the game is to plant and sell a wide variety of crops to expand your virtual coffers, which fair enough may not sound too exciting. But the mission-based objectives and time-based nature of the gameplay are enough to keep interest levels piqued.

Although the instructions are a bit crap and the game doesn’t really make much sense at first, Field Day is worth sticking with. Once you expand your farm and start growing all kinds of stuff, this Apple Watch game gets seriously addictive. And with the ability to look after animals once you’ve progressed enough, it looks like there’s plenty here to keep you occupied.

Best Apple Watch games: Runeblade

Runeblade is one of those brain-free tapathons which basically has you mashing your Apple Watch screen in order to send dozens of angry-looking beasties to their graves. Each death grants you gold to spend on upgrades and you can unlock spells and other RPG-style shenanigans. But this really is a very simple time-waster, best played when you simply want to look at pretty graphics and gain satisfaction from gathering large pots of virtual cash.

Best Apple Watch games: Clockmaker

Clockmaker is your standard match-3 title for the iPhone, which offers up a decent variety of objectives to keep things interesting. However, one of the best features is the Apple Watch mini-game, which can be used to refill your hearts counter.

The mini-game has you remembering the positions of a series of gems in a grid. You get five seconds to memorise the layout before it’s hidden from view, at which point you need to point out the positions of all gems of a certain colour. Simple but rather addictive.

Best Apple Watch games: Letter Zap

Letter Zap is basically the Apple Watch version of Countdown, giving you a jumble of letter tiles which you need to rearrange to spell a word. With a 30-second timer, Letter Zap can get pretty tense. But factor in the heart rate mode, where you have to keep your pulse below a set level, and the game suddenly becomes even more sweat-inducing.

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Best Apple Watch games: Solitaire

Games may come and go, but Solitaire has stood the test of time, proving just as addictive as it did back on our clunky old desktop PCs. The game translates surprisingly well to the small Apple Watch screen, so you can get stuck into this classic card game wherever you roam.

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