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How Apple Watch can now literally save your life

Apple Watch’s new SOS feature, one of the biggest new WatchOS 3 updates, means that Apple’s wearable could actually save your life, by contacting emergency services and sharing your medical data.

At WWDC 2016 this evening Apple revealed its brand new WatchOS 3, which packs in loads of great new features. But one of the most important updates of WatchOS 3 is SOS, a medical feature which could save your life or the life of a loved one.

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What is SOS in Apple WatchOS 3?

With just a long-press of a button on the Apple Watch, the SOS feature kicks into life. This starts a countdown, at the end of which the emergency services are automatically contacted (in the UK, this will call 999; in the US, it will be 911).

You can then speak directly through your Apple Watch and request an ambulance, or whatever else you require.

With that done, the Apple Watch automatically messages your pre-set emergency contacts. This includes a GPS location for your current position, so they know exactly where to find you.

Finally, the SOS feature will display your medical information on the Apple Watch screen, so anyone coming to your aid knows all about your medical conditions and other important emergency information.

SOS will be a real comfort to anyone suffering from serious medical conditions, as well as relatives who can be quickly alerted if anything should happen.

WatchOS 3 is coming this fall (autumn to us Brits), in the form of an over-the-air update to existing Apple Watches. As well as the SOS feature, WatchOS 3 includes a faster, more efficient design, for quicker app load times, plus some iOS-style features like a new Command Center.

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