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Apple working on iOS smartwatch?

Think Knight Rider or Dick Tracy and you’ll immediately recognise one constant relating to these iconic characters; they sported smartwatches, of a fashion. We’ve already seen a number of real-life alternatives to Michael Knight’s Casio-style com-link, most prominently in the form of the Kickstarter sensation Pebble, but now it appears that Apple might be sinking their teeth into a product along the same lines.

An Apple-made smartwatch is a concept nearly as old as the iPhone itself, but it now appears that the planets could well be in the process of aligning for a flesh and blood glass and silicon example of how the Cupertino-based company would go about creating a smartwatch in their own way to come to fruition.

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The watch itself is rumoured to run on iOS and would work in conjunction with a user’s other iOS devices; that is to say we don’t expect it to serve as a standalone phone in its own right, but rather enrich the iOS-related device-to-device experience. All the more intriguing is the notion that the smartwatch may well be made of curved glass, with possible suppliers being the likes of Corning who could utilise one of their newest products: Willow Glass. The company’s CTO – Pete Bocko said, “Right now, if I tried to make something that looked like a watch, that could be done using this flexible glass. ” 

The New York Times are just one body who claim to have knowledge that such an accessory could be under construction according to ‘people familiar with the company’s explorations. They stated ,”such a watch would operate on Apple’s iOS platform and stand apart from competitors based on the company’s understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body.

What’s more, the Wall Street Journal have also heard from points along Apple’s Chinese manufacturing line; such as HonHai and Foxconn that a watch could well be in the pipeline.


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