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Try this Apple Watch online simulator before Apple pulls it down

The developers behind the new iOS app ‘Pipes’ have launched a site which demos the new Apple Watch, two months before the device’s anticipated launch date.

The site, which is harder to get onto than The Hogwarts Express (perhaps it’s being overloaded by curious tech heads), gives a simple interactive demo of Apple’s upcoming wearable, allowing users to play music (if you can cope with Coldplay for any length of time) and try a scaled-down version of Pipes itself, allowing you to scroll through some current news stories.

Other links on the page will also let you view the Notifications and Glances screen, the two main functions of the Apple Watch, as well as allowing you to add your own logo to the watch face, which mostly seems like a marketing quirk, designed to give visitors to the site a personal connection with the device.


If rumours are to be believed, the Apple Watch will be launched in March, though whether it will be débuted alongside a new iPhone, as was originally suggested, is still unknown. There has been no evidence to back up claims that a new, 4-inch device is in the works, despite plenty of public enthusiasm.

Providing there aren’t any other renegade app developers waiting in the wings to give away more secrets, we can’t imagine there will be any other confirmed news regarding the Apple Watch before Apple itself releases the information, but we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as anything surfaces.

It’s unusual to see a new creation of Apple’s up close and in glorious Technicolor this far ahead of its proposed launch date, and we’re unsure for how long the mini-site will be up, given Cupertino’s penchant for secrecy (something we experienced first hand a while back), so head over and have a fiddle while you still can.

You can view the demo site here, unless Apple’s ninjas have had it taken down already.


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