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Apple working on Siri Dictation for iPad?

Apple’s released its iOS 5 beta 3 to developers. An examination of changes the iOS 5.1 beta 3 brings, has revealed references to Dictation.

A new section in the keyboard menu reveals an option: ‘About Privacy and Dictation.’ Once activated the legal literature and feature information appears (below), which is almost identical to ‘Siri and Privacy’ settings found in the iPhone 4S (below). This ‘About Dictation and Privacy’ document is also apparently found on new versions of the iPod Touch with the beta.

9-to-5 Mac speculates that it could be a new feature of the iOS 5.1 update for the existing iPad, or could be a brand new addition launching purely on the iPad 3 – it’s highly unlikely Apple would spend money and resources developing Siri, only to include it on mobile phones. There document doesn’t explicitly include any reference to the name Siri; it just uses the term Dictation. So maybe the iPad 3 just get Siri Dictation, but not fulll Siri?

Either way, the fact it appears in a different location to the iPhone 4S suggest it’s not ported over code. Whatever the answer, we’ll have to wait and see.

Via: 9-to-5 Mac


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