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Apple WWDC 2017: What has Apple launched so far?

Apple’s WWDC 2017 event kicked off with Tim Cook’s jam-packed keynote speech, which crammed in launches for iOS 11, WatchOS 4 and MacOS High Sierra, as well as loads of new hardware including a 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the iMac Pro. Here’s everything Apple has launched at WWDC so far and how to watch for yourself.

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC 2017 for short, has opened for business with a stunning keynote speech from Tim Cook.

As the name suggests, this Apple event typically focuses on new software launches and enhancements from Apple and its developers. The event is intended primarily for developers, but the public can watch WWDC over a live stream all the same. And despite the high-level content, WWDC always sees the announcement of some exciting new iOS and MacOS features.

After all, WWDC 2016 saw the unveiling of iOS 10, MacOS Sierra, WatchOS 3 and TVOS, complete with a sneak peek of some of their best features.

This year however, WWDC 2017 offered even more excitement than usual, including loads of hardware announcements – quite rare for Apple’s summer event. We saw a new iPad Pro model, a super-charged iMac Pro, updates to existing MacBooks and iPads and even Apple’s new Siri-powered smart speaker, the HomePod.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s WWDC 2017 launches, including how to watch the speeches for yourself.

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What date did WWDC 2017 begin?

As always Apple held its WWDC event in the month of June. Specifically, WWDC 2017 began on Monday June 5 and run all week until June 9.

Apple’s Developer Conference was held in San Jose California in 2017, inside the McEnery Convention Center. This is a change from the norm, as WWDC is usually held in San Francisco. This new venue will be right by Apple’s new Cupertino complex.

How can I watch WWDC 2017?

As always, Apple will hosted the WWDC event online, with a live stream that anyone can watch. You can check out every big Apple launch event after it’s over, by heading to the Apple Events page.

You’ll need to watch the stream via the Safari browser on an Apple device, with support for the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

What new software was launched at Apple’s WWDC 2017?

WWDC may be geared towards those smart developer types, but there’s always loads of useful and interesting info about upcoming iPhone/iPad/Mac software and apps teased. Handy if you want to know which awesome new features are coming to your Apple phones, tablets, laptops and watches.

Here’s what Apple revealed at WWDC 2017 on the software front.

iOS 11

Apple showed off the latest mobile operating software which runs on iPhones and iPads in iOS 11. This should be released to the public in September, coinciding with the launch of the iPhone 8.

Updates that Apple announced for iOS 11 include a Siri enhancement that makes it more human-like than ever, to keep up with Samsung’s Bixby. We’ll also be seeing a new and improved Control Center, better Apple Pay integration with other apps, HomeKit improvements and plenty more besides.

iPad owners will notice a difference with the general interface after updating to iOS 11 as well. The new dock feature is one stand-out feature, allowing you to drag and drop apps onto the main part of the screen to open split-screen mode.

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macOS High Sierra

It wouldn’t be a true WWDC event without a new macOS update shown off. This year we heard all about macOS version 10.13 – known rather randomly as High Sierra.

Expect to see more from Apple’s already rolled out new file system, which should appear on our Mac computers and MacBooks later in 2017. Photos has been enhanced in many ways, as has the video playback capabilities. You can also expect a fresh new focus on VR content in the future.

Check out our High Sierra features round-up for all you need to know.

watchOS 4

Another year, another push for Apple Watch. The last update to watchOS 3 was such a huge jump that it really made the hardware much more appealing. Even the smaller March upgrade was a welcome effort.

The watchOS 4 update features some enticing new apps, including plenty of emphasis on health and fitness of course. You’ll also get some cool new first party Apple Watch faces, including a Pixar’s Toy Story effort and a smart Siri face.

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Good news for Apple TV owners with an Amazon Prime account, as the dinky TV streamer now supports Amazon Prime Video. You can therefore watch Prime Video shows and movies to your heart’s delight, once the update lands.

What new hardware was launched at Apple’s WWDC 2017?

As well as revealing lots of upcoming software updates, Apple unusually used WWDC to launch quite a lot of new kit. Not so great for us journalist types, who struggled to keep up with everything that was being said.

Here’s what Apple revealed at WWDC 2017 on the hardware front.

New Siri-powered smart speaker, the Apple HomePod

On the hardware side of things, Apple revealed its own smart speaker controlled by Siri, here to take on Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home. This has been rumoured for a while now, but Apple made it real at WWDC. It’s called HomePod and it’s twice the price of the Echo, offering what Apple claims is much improved sound quality – so you can use it like a Sonos.

New iPad Pro 10.5

Just over a month after Apple launched its latest and most basic iPad, WWDC 2017 served as the stage for the introduction of a new member to the Pro family of tablets. For the first time, this was an Apple slate with a 10.5-inch display. Packing sleeker-than-ever design, a gorgeous ProMotion screen, impressive power and all of the usual killer Pro features, this seems to be the definitive iPad for 2017.

Check out our guide to the iPad Pro 10.5 for all you need to know, including the full specs and how it stacks up against other iPad Pro models.

New iMac Pro

Apple updated its existing iMac range at WWDC 2017, and also launched a super-powered iMac Pro model. This beast starts at a tear-inducing $4999, yet packs enough smarts to justify that price tag – including a crazy 18-core Intel Xeon chipset and Radeon Pro Vega graphics.

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