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Archos G9 101 filmed running Android 4.0.1: Ice Cream Sandwich on a tablet

We’ve seen Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and we’ve got a fairly good idea of how the Android 4.0 experience on phones will be going forwards. But what about tablets?

Archos’s super-inexpensive G9 range of Android tablets are in line to get Ice Cream Sandwich along with the rest; here’s a video of a G9 101 tab running Android 4.0.1 in all its glory.

Visually, the leap up to Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t as impressive here as it is on phones, but that’s to be expected given that of Honeycomb’s visual quirks are a big part of the upgrade.

Most of the changes here look to be under the hood. Panning through menus and homescreens on the Archos G9 101 looks to be much much smoother here that we found it was running Honeycomb.

According to, this is down to the hardware acceleration being even faster than it was with Honeycomb; 100 per cent of the GPU is now utilised, allowing for much smoother zooming in and out of hi-res photos and whizzing through menus. As much as we liked the Archos G9 101’s no-frills approach one area it definitely fell down on was useability; the update to Ice Cream Sandwich looks to go some way to fixing this.

ICS updates for the Archos G9 range are due to roll out early in 2012, with no fixed date announced as of yet.

Source: (YouTube)


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