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ASAP Dash review: Fully charge your phone with just 15 minutes at the plug

We test out the ASAP Dash, a quick-charging 5000mAh power pack that can fully charge in just 15 minutes, giving you enough portable power to revive your mobile at least once on your travels.

As much as we love our mobiles, they all share one massive flaw – crap battery life. If you’re even thinking about streaming video or playing games on the go, you can generally expect just a few hours of life before your handset dies a horrible death. Which means lugging a power pack around too if you’re constantly on the move, as most phones now have embedded batteries too. Which of course means one more thing you have to remember to charge up before leaving the house.

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Thankfully the ASAP Dash massively reduces the pain of charging on the fly, as this 5000mAh pack can be fully powered from empty in just fifteen short minutes using the bundled adapter. You’ll then have enough juice to power up your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone handset at least once (and possibly twice if the battery isn’t too big).

We emptied the ASAP Dash and then tried charging it to full using the bundled adapter. The pack was maxed out after exactly 17 minutes, a mightily impressive feat indeed – and this was a prototype model too, with the promise of even faster charging from the final retail product.

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You can also power up the Dash via the micro USB port using your standard phone charger, although this takes much longer (hours rather than minutes) so is best avoided if possible. And if you ever want to check how much charge remains, there are four handy lights positioned next to the power button, representing 2200, 3000, 3800 and 5000mAh.

We used the ASAP to charge our iPhone 6 Plus, using the bundled Lightning cable, to see how quickly the ASAP dispensed the juice too. A full charge took roughly three hours, which is pretty much what we get from most other chargers. Just half an hour connected gave us 20% charge, which can keep you going for a few hours if you limit yourself to occasional message checks.

The ASAP Dash wil be available to buy soon. In the meantime, check out the Indiegogo.

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