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Asus EL30 In-Ear Headphones review

We review the Asus EL30 In-Ear Headphones, which offer a quality all-round audio experience.

Asus’ EL30 headphones are good quality in-ear ‘phones, whether you’re listening to music or podcasts, or making a call on the go. The built-in mic seemed to do a good job of picking up our voice when we were out and about, unless we were strolling through paritcularly windy conditions, and the handy play/pause button just beneath the mic worked without hassle when we plugged into our iPhone.

Asus EL30 headphones earphones review

The soft buds are comfortable to wear for extended periods, and best of all, the EL30 is robust as hell – we were constantly cramming them into our pockets or our bag, and the rubber-coated wires showed no sign of wear and tear.

You can pick up the EL30s for around £30 right now, a great price for a great product.


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