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Asus Padfone tablet phone hybrid gets benchmarked

The Asus Padfone tablet is something we got wind of earlier in the year and looks to be an interesting concept. Essentially a phone that plugs into a larger tablet-sized screen/dock, the Asus Padfone bridges the tablet/phone gap in a way similar to how the Lapdock of the Motorola’s Atrix turns that phone into a pseudo-laptop.

Though we’d not heard much about it since May, benchmarking site GLBenchmark appears to have gotten hold of one and has put the Padfone through its paces.

Running on Qualcomm’s MSM8960 – a Series 4 Snapdragon chip – the dual-core Padfone ought to be pretty snappy. Other specs we can glean from GLBenchmark’s findings is that the Asus Padfone runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and the display resolution is 960 x 540 aka qHD.

We already know from the earlier announcement that the phone’s screen measures 4.3-inches across (with the tablet portion sporting 10.1), so it’ll be comparable to the HTC Sensation in this regard.

We’re a little surprised to see Gingerbread popping up here. Given the hybrid nature of the Padfone’s design, it looked like the very ethos of Ice Cream Sandwich personified; i.e. one Android OS that runs on both tablets and phones.

Other specs that might have given us a better idea of how the Padfone shapes up – RAM, cameras – weren’t present. We’re still waiting on a full spec sheet from Asus itself on the Padfone.

Source: Android Authority via GLBenchmark


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