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Asus VivoWatch boasts 10-day battery life, can tell you if you’re happy

Asus has unveiled its latest wearable, the VivoWatch, which will deliver a whole bunch of sports and fitness tracking features as well as an impressive 10–day battery life – and can even report on your ‘Happiness Index’.

The Asus VivoWatch is the company’s first foray into the increasingly competitive world of fitness wearables and it looks like the good folks at Asus have been doing their homework, as the VivoWatch already looks like a serious bit of competition for the Fitbits and Jawbones out there.

For a start, the VivoWatch is nicely designed and can be worn every day rather than just during workouts. It’s fully water resistant too, with IP67 certification, so you can take it swimming and rock it in a rainstorm.

But more impressive is the reported 10 days of usage from a single charge, which is around five times better than most Android Wear devices and 10 times better than the Apple Watch, which reportedly uses a puny 205mAh battery.

That’s all well and good, we hear you say, but what can the VivoWatch actually do? Well, the device will keep tabs on your heart-rate via an integrated optical sensor and let you know how you’re doing during your workout with LED cues. A green glow letting you know you’re in your prime heart-rate zone and a red glow informing you that you might be in danger of keeling over and spewing your lunch.

The VivoWatch will also monitor your sleep, letting you know your heart rate while you’re at slumber, how much tossing and turning you’re doing and how much kip you actually manage – which might be just one more stress if you’re lucky enough to be a parent.

Another key feature of the VivoWatch is the included Happiness Index or HI, which gives the wearer a numeric score to let them know how good their sleep and exercise has been. That could serve as a bit of motivation for people looking to improve their overall health, or – again, if you’re a parent – another reason to grumble.

As you’d expect there’s a companion Asus app to go with the watch, which will let you see all your history, sleep data and progress towards fitness goals. You’ll also be able to log on to the Asus Healthcare website to view your stats and share your data with friends and family, so they can marvel at how you’re functioning on just two hours of rest a night.

The Asus Vivowatch will go on sale in May and set you back a cool £119.99, which doesn’t seem like too much of a kicker given the features and purported battery life. But, as always, we’ll be giving it a full work-over to see if the device is as good as promised.


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