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Atari Arcade stick: Retro joy coming to iPads soon

Following the release of its Greatest Hits app only a few months ago on both the iPhone and iPad, a new update to the game adds support for something called the Atari Arcade – and this is it.

An arcade-stick dock for your iPad, it connects through your tablet’s charging port in portrait mode, whilst it can also be paired with Bluetooth for landscape play.

It packs stick and four big arcade-size buttons, these digital controls could prove ideal for Atari hits like Asteroid, Millipede and Desert Falcon.

According to Dvice, the add-on is set to arrive in the US around the 2nd October 2011, at around $60 (£37.50), it’s no bargain, though we’re praying  that arcade-stick could be compatible with more than just the Atari oeuvre; can anyone say Street Fighter 4 compatibility?


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