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BackStab: New Gameloft game exclusive to Xperia Play

Gameloft, the mobile-centric games developer, has announced it’s currently developing a game especially for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play.

Posting on their blog, Gameloft, say the new game is based on an 18th century Caribbean island and “weaves an epic tale of revenge.”

You’ll play as Henry Blake, falsely accused of treason, hell-bent on vengeance against his jailers. It’s ‘jailed for a crime he didn’t commit’-type stuff.

From the pictures, expect lots of cutlass-waving and fist fists, with a strong dash of Pirates of the Caribbean. Gameloft says it’ll mix both action and adventure, with what looks to be a good bit of brawling with British soldiers.  (We guess us Brits are the enemy again.)

Fights will be tied together in a free-roaming environment, and is set for release soon. (Q2 2011.)

No prices as of yet, but it will be exclusively available to Xperia Play owners for a month, before becoming available to other Android devices.

Source: Gameloft



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