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Barbie gets fashionable with new style-swapping iPhone app

Being a male, dressing up Barbie dolls was never really my thing. Not when there was a hair-raising TIE-Fighter assault on Castle Greyskull, defended by an army of Lego men to deal with.

(Toys tended to cross-pollinate in those days.)

Even so, Barbie remains a popular brand, and she already has several iPhone apps under her belt. The latest is Barbie Fashionistas Swappin’ Styles, which ties into the range and website of the same name.

The app, which is free, promises to let users “create your favourite Barbie look from head to toe”, choosing from different characters, accessories and colours to create the ultimate Glam, Cutie, Sweetie, Sporty, Sassy or Artsy doll, virtually speaking.

There’s also a photo-capture facility so creations can be snapped, saved and shared. If you have a daughter of a certain age, it looks like being an essential download.


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