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BBC iPlayer: iPad-only app coming this week.

After a very long wait, it’s nearly here; we should be getting an app-based BBC iPlayer on our iPads this Thursday or Friday. Extra details include a forthcoming subscription-based iPlayer for the US.

Earlier today, the BBC’s Head of Communications for future media and tech, Matt Philips, told the Beeb’s Tech correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, that there would be more news later today, which was then heavily retweeting.

Investigating a bit more thoroughly around Twitter, we then spotted a tweet from yesterday- via Beeb operational techie, Geoff Marshall. He revealed that the iPad app should arrive at the end of this week.

Currently iPad and UK only (sorry), it should be able to browse BBC programmes on 3G, but you’ll need a WiFi connection to play video.  He tweeted that a “US version is coming .. but subscription based.”

BBC hinted at some of these changes to the iPlayer on their BBC blog last month.

They said that their radio services would separate from TV programming, and that: “All radio station sites, music events, podcasts and programme pages will be integrated to focus on highly interactive live radio, quick and seamless access to programming, support for new music and personalisation – on whatever internet-connected device you happen to have.” That does sound like a phone or a tablet…

Marshall also tweeted about this: “The UK Radio Player (radio portion of iPlayer replacement) was due to be launched this week, now put back until March”, so it looks like it’ll be next month before we get more details on that. Fingers are crossed for an iPhone app in the near-future. Updates when we get them.


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