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BBC launches two Top Gear games for iPhone and iPad

Just in time for Christmas, not one but two Top Gear games have roared onto the App Store. And they both look pretty good too.

Top Gear: Stunt School is a 3D racing game with a twist: you have to complete 60 physics-based stunt challenges, with another 20 ‘sandbox’ challenges awaiting if you make it through.

There are nine different cars, but the key is customising them with upgrades including jet engines, monster truck tyres, armoured plating and cargo wagons. As you can tell, the emphasis is on over-the-top silliness.

The game is fully Game Centered up for achievements and friend challenges, and there’s an extra option to get the Stig to race your customised car, before you see if you can beat his time.

The Stig also features heavily in the second Top Gear game – Top Gear: Where’s Stig? As the name implies, it takes Where’s Wally? as its starting point, swapping out the stripy-jumpered kid in favour of a man in a white jumpsuit and helmet.

“Travel the world looking for our nameless, faceless hero – plus a few of his Top Gear friends,” explains the blurb. “Maybe he’s hidden himself in the darkest jungles of Botswana. Thinks he’ll blend in nicely at the North Pole. Or is cleverly keeping a very low profile in the Top Gear studio. Wherever he goes, you’ll have fun looking for the elusive, silent, masked hero.”

Both games are available for iPhone, and have separate HD versions for iPad too.


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