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“BBM coming to iPhone next month” is hoax say RIM.

Tech sites were a-buzz today, following news that Blackberry Messenger was rumoured to be hitting iPhones next month, on April 26th.

According to a MacRumors forum post from ‘Rihanna’: “RIM had a Social Media conference today in Toronto, and my entire college business and marketing class was invited to the event.

“RIM’s co-ceo (sp) Jim Balsillie revealed that they plan to bring BBM and “other services” to iPhone on April 26 via the app store. Major news networks are expected to pick up on this very soon! Balsillie also revealed that they plan to release an update to the app this summer which will take advantage of a new “notification system”!!! “

Surely all those exclamation marks should ring reliability alarm bells? Nonetheless, many news sites ran with it- but we contacted RIM for comment, who confirmed there was no truth to the anonymous forum post.

In a statement issued from RIM, it says that they, “did not hold a conference in Toronto this week” and, better than that, their CEO Jim Balsillie “did not speak at any event in Toronto this week.” Well then. But no outright denials of the very idea of a BBM client on other phones…

Source (of the lies!): Macrumors forum


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