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Beats Audio music streaming to knock spots off Spotify

Spotify has ruled the music streaming roost for as long as we can remember, but all reigns must end, and it seems that famed headphone-hawker Beats is rolling out a rival set to knock the spots of the current king: Beats Music…

Beats out to knock the spots off Spotify

It may be hard for our younger readers to believe, but once there was a time when the only way to access music was to either buy it from an actual shop and carry it home, or tune into a radio station in the desperate hope that the empty headed mouth-breather in charge might play something we like between bouts of inane chatter. Today, however, the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Napster, Rdio and Blinkbox allow for DJ-free instant ear gratification, with Beats Music promising even more prolific play time.

Lined up to launch Stateside in January, Beats Music is allowing eager beavers in the US to sign up to the service now in anticipation of its 2014 turn on. But whilst there’s no sign of a similar invitation being extended to Brits, a quick look at the site reassures that Beats Music will be “coming to your area soon”.

Tantilising future fans of his new music streaming mine, the big boss over at Beats, Ian Rogers, posted a heads-up on the headphone company’s blog saying that they were now “locked and loaded” with the service and that Beats Music, after being in Beta for some six months, was undergoing testing by artists and what he refers to as “other influences”.

That’s all we know for now, but expect updates as and when we hear.

Damn, we forgot about Dre…


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