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Bemilo: a secure mobile network designed for children launches

Research reveals that 85% of seven to 16 year olds own a mobile phone and the average age that a child receives their first mobile phone is eight.  But as more children have their own phones mobile abuse is becoming increasingly problematic, with a reported 25% of children suffering. In a bid to combat that, Bemilo has launched a mobile network designed especially for children, giving parents full control of their child’s phone.

By signing up to Bemilo and using the SIM, parents can access their child’s phone 24- hours a day by using a smartphone or computer. Parents can review all calls and SMS messages, block bullies, control the time of day their child can use the phone and browse the web and control monthly spending.

Because Bemilo is a SIM-based offering it gives parents much more piece of mind then an app – which could be bypassed by a child. It also makes the service assessable to multiple handsets – not just the ones compatible with an app.

Bemilo child picture

Simon Goff, Founder & Chairman Bemilo said:

“Innovation beats regulation. Bemilo has beaten all the regulators to launch the UK’s firstsafe mobile network. Bemilo is the ultimate customer champion, it’s the first mobile network in the UK that has listened to parents, offering them complete control of their child’s mobile activity, and answers all the concerns of governments and regulators.”

The safety pack costs £2.95 per month on a 12-month contract, or £3.95 on a per month basis. This includes calls, SMS and data purchased on a Pay As You Go service. The tariff is available online via Bemilo and in-store at Carphone Warehouse from May 28th, it includes 10p per minute calls to UK landlines and mobiles, 10p per standard UK text message and 25p per MB of data consumed.


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