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Best 2015 mobile games for iOS/Android (so far)

So far 2015 has been another strong year for mobile gaming, and these are the finest games we’ve played on our iPhones, iPads and Android devices these past six months – from remastered classics to innovative new adventures.

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Grim Fandango (iOS, Android) £7.99

If you’ve never played Grim Fandango, shame on you. Also, you now have pretty much no excuse not to, as LucasArts’ point n’ click classic is now available on iOS and Android devices. Take a trip through the land of the dead, with gorgeous updated graphics and the same brilliant puzzles that we fell in love with all those years ago.

Her Story (iOS) £3.99

Her Story wins top marks for originality, and is easily the most memorable (and haunting) game we’ve played so far in 2015. It’s essentially a murder mystery which has you searching a database of police interrogation videos, to work out if the subject killed her husband or was stitched up good an’ proper. Equally rewarding and chilling, Her Story is well worth picking up despite its short length.

Her Story

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Lifeline (iOS/Android) 79p for a limited time

Another adventure game of sorts, but this time you have no control over the protagonist, an astronaut who finds himself stranded on a distant moon. Instead, you can only advise him on what to do next, to try and keep him alive. Lifeline plays out in ‘real time’ as if you were actually communicating with this guy, which means that if you tell him to walk somewhere, you’ll have to wait for him to cover the distance before hearing back via a notification. It’s a clever gameplay mechanic that makes the dire situation feel all the more real.

Fallout Shelter (iOS) Free

While we’re all wetting ourselves with anticipation for Fallout 4, you might want to check out this mobile Fallout game which has you constructing and overseeing your own Vault. Fallout Shelter is reminiscent of classic Sim games and seriously addictive once you get stuck in.

Fallout Shelter

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Sorcery! 3 (iOS) £3.99

Like Grim Fandango, Sorcery! 3 is a delicious slice of nostalgia. Steve Jackson’s classic choose-your-own-adventure book has been recreated and remastered in impressive fashion, allowing you to freely roam the wastelands in search of seven deadly serpents. With a focus on survival, you’ll have to manage your resources well in order to see the ending – and this beast will keep you going for hours, making it well worth the money.

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Satellina (iOS/Android) £1.49

Best described as a reaction-based puzzle game, Satellina has you dragging your finger through dots of a certain colour to make them disappear. Sounds simple, but the dots are flying all over the screen, and things are made even more difficult by differently coloured dots which have to be avoided. Timers and leaderboards give Satellina strong replay value.


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Pursuit of Light (iOS) £1.49

At its heart, Pursuit of Light is a very simple game, and like all good mobile titles it’s perfect for a quick two-minute session while you’re stood at the bus stop. All you need to do is tap the correct icon to move to the next platform, but in the heat of the moment it’s easy enough to screw up, especially when you’ve got collapsing platforms, spikes and projectiles to deal with.

Alto’s Adventure (iOS) £1.49

Alto’s Adventure is a wonderfully relaxing little side-scrolling snowboarding game that has you somersaulting about on slippery slopes, in pursuit of your runaway llamas (no, really). Grind telephone lines, leap rocks and admire the pretty, colourful graphics as the sun sets and a storm rolls over the valley.

Alto's Adventure

Got your own favourites from 2015 so far? Let us know in the comments below.


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